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September 2022

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Best Practices for SRW Design

AB Walls 3D+Terraces

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Above Wall Considerations in AB Walls 3D+Terraces

Seismic Consideration in AB Walls

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Case Study: Landscape Enhancement with
AB Fence

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Landscape enhancement is just one of the requirements the Nardei’s were looking for to replace their dilapidated fence. They were also looking for a low-maintenance, permanent solution. The Nardei’s found them all in Allan Block’s Fence System.

This project had a very tight property line and site constraints which made it unique. To satisfy the tight site limits Danny Wolsey - with Wolsey Structural Engineering - replaced the AB Post Blocks with steel I-Beams to streamline the profile of the fence while still providing the structural backbone to the system.

Nardei Fence

As this fence was located on one side of a tight alley, the installation of the I-Beam posts proved to be a challenge that the contractor was able to overcome. With the help of their local Allan Block representative, Jim Dejewski with Expocrete/Oldcastle, they were able to install their first AB Fence to the Nardei’s satisfaction.

Learn more about this unique AB Fence project by reading the full case study on

Engineering Talk: Utilizing our Best-in-Class Sales Reps.

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Do you know where to get information for a qualified installer?

Your local Allan Block representative has an entire list of AB Certified Contractors, ranging from Certified to Master Wall Builders, that have attended our AB Certification Course and proven they know how to install retaining walls properly.

Newtwork with Installers

For example: an AB Engineer in New York had a project that they wanted to ensure would be installed correctly. They reached out to their local representative with a material quantity and an approximate estimate and requested recommendations for a contractor. The AB representative was able to connect them with an AB Certified Contractor for the project.

How do you find design solutions for a project?

Your local Allan Block Representative has undergone training to identify solutions to common issues on projects and has resources to help you with your project.

Another example: an engineer had a retaining wall close to the property line that did not have space to accommodate geogrid lengths. Their local representative provided the solution of No-fines concrete to reduce the mass of the retaining wall and saved the owner the cost of a Cast-In-Place wall.

Do you know who your local Allan Block Sales Representative is?

If you do not know who your local Allan Block Representative is, reach out to the Allan Block Engineering Department at 800-899-5309 x 3.

AB Fence Macro

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AB Fence Macro

Planning on designing an AB Fence project? Allan Block has a tool that makes it easy to draw your fence panels and configure patterns to fit any project requirements. The AutoCAD Fence Macro creates detailed panel drawings, panel sections, and post sections with only a few clicks. It can even model an Ashlar Pattern!

How do I get it?

Head to our website and click Download AB Fence Macro. This will download a zipped file with the macro and instruction on how to install.

AB Fence Panel Detail
AB Fence Panel Detail

Contractor Talk: Modular Products to Fit your Site and Provide Solutions

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Have you ever been on a project from start to finish where everything went according to plan? I hope the answer is a firm "Yes"! Though, most likely a "No". Delays and hiccups are a natural part of the construction process and as an engineer these types of issues will happen. The contractor will look to you for guidance and direction on how to proceed and get the project back on track. So why not choose a product with flexibility that can readily adapt to design changes? Choose Allan Block. The modular nature of Allan Block products gives you, as the designer, the ability to quickly adapt a wall design and provide that solution.

Regardless of the type of problem you encounter on your site, the advantages of a modular system will allow you to minimize time spent on design changes. Some examples of challenges you could encounter are…

  • Existing or migrating groundwater on site
  • Presence of large boulders/bedrock
  • Hidden utilities
  • Property Line constraints

If you run into other unforeseen problems, please let us know! After 30 years in the industry, Allan Block has employed many successful solutions to these problems. Some examples of possible solutions using Allan Block include…

AB Water Application AB Terrace

For project specific design assistance or questions please email or contact us by phone at 800-899-5309 x3

Hot Topic: Learn on your Schedule – On Demand Video

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Where did that summer go? Although contractors might have some down-time during the upcoming winter months, design work doesn’t cease due to snow on the ground. So how do you find time to expand your knowledge base or brush up on a particular topic? Allan Block has several webinars on various SRW related topics and AB Walls. Using that ‘Always Better’ motto Allan Block has even made them available On-Demand!

Pre-recorded topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilizing and leveraging the AB Walls design software
  • Basic Segmental Retaining Wall Design and Construction
  • Industry Best Practices for Design
  • Advanced topics like Terraces and No-Fines Concrete

AB Walls Registration

What if you just want to learn about a specific feature of AB Walls? Save time and utilize the Online Training Program by registering at the link above. Once registered and logged in you will see links to short videos on specific sections of the AB Walls program. These bite size chunks allow you to focus on specific features you may need clarification on.

If your schedule allows- check out our live webinar training schedule that is located under the Designer Resources button on the main page of the Allan Block website. These pre-recorded versions of our live webinars allow you as a designer to learn what you need, when you need it.

For more information, or if you would like assistance on signing up for the Online Training Program feel free to contact our engineering department at (800) 899 5309 x3 or

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